One year on for Norsey’s dressage.

So another year rolls around and I find myself back at MARC with Norsey having a crack at the Novice tests.
Somehow, despite arriving early enough, I find myself with approx 6 minutes of warm up time and a “she’ll be right” attitude. Norsey was very well behaved, until we get into the arena and I find myself realising the power of a 17hh, 700kg horse!

This is the trying to make a 15m circle face:

This is my I can’t do sitting trot face:


For my warm up for the second test, I did a lot less yakking and much more riding so I had more control and serenity for a nicer test (and photos!)


I think we ended up first in the second test. We have been to another dressage competition since, riding Novice and he was well behaved (better warmup!) but now needs to be more balanced, so we are working on that. We do have Canberra Horse Trials next weekend, doing newcomers. I’m hoping we have plenty of balance for that (and a neck strap)!

Dingaling’s dressage is coming along really well now. We did our first medium level tests the other week. Now medium was my initial dressage goal 8 years ago when I started learning dressage. It’s taken a long time, but to be honest I was only hoping I’d get there, not thinking that I actually would.
I was so nervous riding the first test, that I forgot the test twice. Fortunately, the judge was very kind and patient so I got through it.



We have another dressage comp this weekend, doing medium but at a bigger comp with a lot of good riders in it. I’m just hoping I get at least the same scores (around 65%) as I did last time, and not totally make a mess of it!


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